Below are answers to some common questions about Benesse Art Site Naoshima.
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Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery: Time Corridors

About Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery: Time Corridors

If I arrived earlier than my reservation time, could I only use the “Lounge”?
The “Lounge” is inside the gallery, so you will have to use it after getting inside. Furthermore, those who purchased tickets online will be served tea and sweets as part of the art appreciation experience. You can still appreciate the art even if you didn’t make a reservation for lodging in Benesse House, but if you want to be served tea, then please order it at the lounge. (Additional charge).
Can I cancel my online ticket after purchase?
Cancellation requests will be accepted until 1 hour before your reservation. Please check the "Cancellation" description on the "Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery Online Tickets" page and follow the instruction on the cancellation form.
Can I change the reserved day or time of my online ticket after purchase?
No, we cannot accept any changes to the date or time of your ticket once purchased. You can make ticket cancellations until 1 hour before your reservation. Please cancel your ticket and then repurchase a new ticket.
I'm going to be late for my reservation time, what should I do?
Online tickets are valid only during the time specified. After that time, you may be required to wait to enter the gallery, although online tickets are subject to availability. If you cannot make your reservation in time, please come to the Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery reception desk and ask for assistance. *Please note that we may not be able to offer the tea service depending on the situation. Please understand this in advance.
Can I make a reservation through the phone?
We are afraid you can only make a reservation online.
Can I go inside the facility without a reservation?
If you come to the facility without a reservation, then you can make a reservation on the same day if the time you desire is available. However, you cannot make a reservation if we are sold out, for this reason, we recommend that you purchase tickets online in advance. You can pay with cash or through PayPay. If you wish to pay with credit, then please make your reservation online.
How can I make my purchase?
You can make your purchase on the Benesse Art Site Naoshima official website. You can pay for your online ticket with a credit card or through d-barai.(d払い)
Usable credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express. Furthermore, if you wish to purchase your ticket on the day you come inside the facility, you must either pay in cash or through PayPay. Please keep this in mind.
Children between the age of 0 and 15 are supposed to be free, but would I still need to make reservations (purchase online tickets) for them?
Yes. Please make your reservations according to the number of people coming to the facility, regardless of age (when purchasing your tickets, where you're choosing how many tickets you want to buy, please select "¥0 for ages 15 or younger"). Middle schoolers and high schoolers must bring their student handbooks to verify their identity.
How many people can I purchase tickets for in one setting?
You can purchase tickets for only 12 people. People from groups must purchase tickets for themselves. Only 24 people at a time can be accepted in the facility. If the number of people goes over 24, then please purchase online tickets for different times. (For example: If the number of people 30, then you must purchase 12 tickets for 11:00, 12 tickets for 11:00 and 6tickets for 11:30 etc.) Furthermore, if you are planning to use a reserved bus on the day of your reservations, then please inform us beforehand with a group contact form.
Can National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter come for free?
Yes, if they come to the facility with the intention of interpreting for someone, then they can come for free, as long as they can show proof of their qualifications. When purchasing your tickets, please do not include them in the number of people coming. Furthermore, there will be no refunds if you have already purchased your tickets online. Also, please understand that if the interpreter cannot show proof of their qualifications, you will have to pay extra money for them.
* if you want to be served tea, then please order it at the lounge. (Additional charge).
Will there be a handling fee for purchasing tickets online?
No, there will not be a handling fee.
Will I have to leave the facility after a certain amount of time?
No, you don't. However, you will have to wait for some time when the facility "Lounge" is crowded with people.
Does everything in the Benesse Art Site Naoshima facility run on a reservation system?
The Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery, the Chichu Art Museum, the Art House Project "Kinza", and the Teshima Art Museum run on a reservation system. You can make reservations for each place in the Benesse Art Site Naoshima web page.
If I make reservations in advance, could I also reserve a bus or ferry? (Or could I reserve a bus or ferry in advance?)
Transportation services such as ferries or island buses have limited services available, so they cannot be reserved. We recommend giving yourself time to make plans to use such transportation during crowded days such as consecutive holidays or the Setouchi Triennale. Please look at this to learn about access inside Naoshima.
I am lodging in Benesse House, so do I need to make any reservations?
No. People lodging in Benesse House are free to look at the art without the need of a reservation. * if you want to be served tea, then please order it at the lounge. (Additional charge).
What should I do if I want to go to the facility again while lodging in Benesse House?
Anyone lodging in Benesse House is free to enter the gallery without making a reservation until the day of checkout. Please contact Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery reception staff. only if you are looking at art during the opening times (11:00-15:00).
Q. When can I make a reservation?
We start selling online tickets for two month ahead at 10:00 a.m. (Japan Standard Time) on the second Friday of each month.
How will refunds work if the facility will be temporarily closed?
If bad weather or a natural disaster forces the facility to be temporarily, then you will receive a full refund. (If you paid with your credit card, then the charge will be refunded to your credit card company; if you payed through d-barai, (d 払い)then you will get your money back through d-barai.) If it is decided that refunds will be necessary, we will guide everyone who paid for a ticket to the sales page via email. Furthermore, news about the facility's temporary closing will be posted on the Benesse Art Site Naoshima official website's top page.
*Please check this for details on how to purchase and how to use online tickets.