Tom Na H-iu

Tom Na H-iu is an ancient Celtic site of spiritual transmigration where souls are considered to spend a long time until the next migration.
Inspired by this legend and the fact that ancient humans have built standing stones in many places all over the world, Mariko Mori created a new monument that symbolizes life and death in our time.

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Artist Mariko Mori

The colossal glass object standing in the middle of the pond surrounded by a bamboo grove is linked to the Kamioka Observatory (Super-Kamiokande) in Hida, Japan, by a computer, interactively glowing when it receives data of neutrinos generated by supernova explosions (the death of stars).
Watching this sculpture projecting the light of neutrinos - the soul of the universe - onto the water surface, we will feel that we are linked to the universe, or indeed that we are ourselves the universe, relating our living in the eternal ow of time to Tom Na H-iu.

Mariko Mori
Lives and works in New York City. Won Honorable Mention at the 47th Venice Biennale (1997). Solo exhibitions include “Mariko Mori: Dream Temple” (1999, Prada Foundation, Italy),“ Pure Land” (2002, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo), and“ WAVE UFO” (2003, Kuns thaus Bregenz, Austria). Created the public artwork Plant Opal (2009, Roppongi, Tokyo) and Tom Na H-iu (2010, Teshima, Kagawa).

Tom Na H-iu



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