Using the islands of Setouchi as a canvas.

If art with a message to modern society were placed on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, where the unspoilt landscape of Japan still remains, it could change a region that was losing its vitality.
With this in mind, the world's first symbiosis between islands and art began on Naoshima.


On that day, at that time, at that place.

The islands of the Seto Inland Sea were recognized as a national park for the first time in Japan.
The art and architecture expressed against the backdrop of the rich nature take on a completely different look as time, weather, and the seasons change.
They are new each time you visit. Why not find your own favorite moment?


The elderly people of the island are
the evangelists of contemporary art.

It has been about 30 years since art first came to Naoshima.
The movement that began in the south of the island has spread to the center of town and taken root on the island.
The elderly people of the island talk passionately about contemporary art to young tourists.
Such scenes can be seen on a daily basis.


The young people smile because the masters of life are smiling.

The people who live on the island are getting more and more enthusiastic as they interact with the visitors.
They use art as an opportunity to talk about the history and culture of the island, and to talk about themselves.
Because the present is the most fun.
The smiles of the elderly, the masters of life, are also a source of energy for the young people who will carry the future.


We want people to look at things through art.

There are wonderful works of art.
Our goal is to create opportunities for people to see, rather than a conventional exhibition that asks, "Can you see the beauty of this?".
Art is not the main focus. The island and the people who live there are the main focus, and art is something that brings out the charm of the island.
It's not just about looking at art, it's about what you can see through art.
Please enjoy it with your own eyes and heart.


From Naoshima to Teshima and Inujima.
As you travel from island to island, you will discover the individuality of each island.

About Benesse Art Site Naoshima

"Benesse Art Site Naoshima"is the collective name for all art-related activities conducted by Benesse Holdings, Inc. and Fukutake Foundation on the islands of Naoshima and Teshima in Kagawa Prefecture and on Inujima island in Okayama Prefecture.
Our fundamental aim is to create significant spaces by bringing contemporary art and architecture in resonance with the pristine nature of the Seto Inland Sea, a landscape with a rich cultural and historical fabric.
Through contacts with art and nature, sceneries and inhabitants of the Seto Inland Sea region, we seek to inspire visitors to reflect on the meaning of Benesse's motto - Well-Being. In all our ongoing activities, we are committed to foster a relationship of mutual growth between art and the region, aiming to make a positive contribution to the local communities.

Benesse Art Site Naoshima Philosophy