Below are answers to some common questions about Benesse Art Site Naoshima.
For other questions, please contact us as indicated on this page.

Benesse House (Hotel)


Is it necessary to make a reservation for a ferry to Naoshima?
You cannot book a ferry. Please come to the port and purchase the ferry ticket(s) by the departure time.
Is a discount available for ferry?
For guests who drive and take the Uno⇔Naoshima or Takamatsu⇔Naoshima round-trip routes, tickets that allow your vehicle on the return ferry at 15% discount are available (exclusively for vehicles of more than 3 meters and less than 5 meters in full length) at the front desk of the hotel. Please only purchase one-way out-bound tickets at the time of departure, and show us the outbound stub and car registration at the front desk when you check in.
Discounts for passenger fares are not available.
Is a parking lot for private automobiles available?
Hotel guests may use the parking lots next to the buildings of Benesse House.
Are bicycles available for rental?
We do not lend bicycles at Benesse House.
How do I get to the hotel from the port?
Courtesy buses for hotel guests are available according to a schedule that matches the departure and arrival times of the ferry at Miyanoura port in Naoshima.
Time table for Benesse House Courtesy Bus
If you plan to arrive or leave during a period when the shuttle buses are not operating (e.g., arrival after 7:15 pm), we can arrange to have you picked up or dropped off if you notify us ahead of time.
Is it necessary to make a reservation for the Benesse House Courtesy Bus?
No. The driver will ask for the name of the guest(s) when you get on.
I’m going to use the Benesse House Courtesy Bus, but I don't know where to get off to go to my room.
For guests staying at Benesse House Museum or Oval, please get off at Benesse House Museum. For guests staying at Park or Beach, please get off at Benesse House Park.
I want to go directly to the museum without stopping at the hotel.
If you use the Benesse House Courtesy Bus from the Miyanoura port, the driver will take your luggage and bring them to your room once the room is ready.
I heard that vehicles are not allowed to go to the side of Benesse House.
The entry of general vehicles is prohibited in the Benesse House area. However, the following vehicles may enter.
・Guests staying at Benesse House
・Buses that applied for entry approval in advance
If you are a guest staying at Benesse House, please tell the name to the staff at the entrance.
If you wish to obtain bus entry, please proceed with "Benesse Art Site Naoshima Group Advance Notice Form". The staff will contact you shortly.
I want to go by private cruiser.
Visitors can make use of the Visitor's berth either at Miyanoura port or at Naoshima port (Honmura).
Please apply via the link below:
Click here for the berth at Miyanoura port
Click here for the berth at Naoshima port (Honmura)

About the museums

Is there any benefit to entering the museum?
The guests staying at Benesse House can re-enter the museum facilities in Naoshima (Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, Art House Project, and ANDO MUSEUM, Ring of Fire - Solar Yang & Lunar Weerasethakul) during their stay at Benesse House. If you show a stub from one of the museums at the front desk, you will receive a stamp that permits re-entry.
*"Ring of Fire - Solar Yang & Lunar Weerasethakul” can only be re-entered only on Solar (Day). Please present your receipt at the front desk.
Can I purchase museum tickets at the hotel?
Entrance to Benesse House Museum (including Valley Gallery) and Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery: Time Corridors are free for the guests staying at Benesse House. We will give you the ticket(s) when you check in and they are valid for multiple entries during your stay.
Only the tickets for Art House Project are available at the front desk.
*If you would like to have tea service (tea and sweets) as part of the viewing experience of Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery, please pay the fee separately at the Lounge.

About Benesse House (Hotel)

How do I reserve a room at Benesse House?
We take reservations on the Benesse House Reservations all day (24 hours). We take phone reservations at +81-(0)87-892-3223 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
If you reserve a room through the website, you can also easily reserve and modify your reservations at restaurants or cancel your stay.
How early can I reserve a room at Benesse House?
Reservations are accepted up to 180 days prior to your planned date of stay.
I’m considering a group stay.
At Benesse House, reservations for five or more rooms are handled as a group. Please ask us about the reservations at Benesse House.
I made a reservation through the website but I’m worried if the completed reservation has been confirmed.
For guests who completed their reservations through the website, a “Reservation confirmation email” is automatically sent to the email address you registered. If you haven’t received the “Reservation confirmation email”, it may be because of the following reasons.
・Only the “Customer Registration” is complete, and the room reservation is not complete
・The email address you registered is not correct
・For a carrier email address, the domain setting is on
Please check the registration and the settings again, and contact the hotel via phone or email if the issue is still not resolved.
Is a waiting list available?
We do not have a waiting list. As room availability is reflected on the Benesse House Reservations in real time, please check the corresponding page and make a reservation on your own.
Which credit cards do you accept?
We take AMEX, Diners, JCB, MasterCard, NICOS, VISA, and China UnionPay (debit card).
Can I withdraw cash?
An ATM is not available in the hotel. Please use an ATM at the post office or one of the banks or convenience stores on the island.
Can I exchange foreign currency?
No, we do not offer this service at the hotel.
What is your cancellation policy?
The prescribed cancellation fees below will be charged if a booking is with 4 rooms or less.
・50% of the room charge(s) for cancellations made 10 days - 2 days prior to the arrival
・100% of the room charge(s) for cancellations made after 1 day prior to the arrival or no-show
I decided to cancel my reservations.
If you made reservations through the website, you can proceed at the Reservation confirmation page.
For other guests, please contact us via phone or email.
Note the prescribed cancellation fees will be charged.
What time is the check-in and check-out?
Check-in is from 3:00 pm, and check-out is 11:00 am.
Can I see the Oval without staying at Benesse House?
For the privacy purposes of our guests, we ask those not staying at the Oval not to enter Benesse House Oval.
Is Internet connection available?
Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms at Benesse House. Wired LAN connections are not supported.
Which amenities will be provided?
Towels, nightwear, bathrobes, slippers, tooth brushes, razors, shampoo/soap, hair dryer, minibar, safe, and CD player are provided in the room.
Please ask the front desk for basic skin care products for ladies (set of cleansing gel, face wash, lotion, and milky lotion), TV (JPY 1,000/stay), humidifier, iron, and CDs.
Are children able to stay at Benesse House?
In order to maintain the unique atmosphere of a relaxed stay inside an art museum, Museum and Oval and Beach Suite Double cannot accommodate age 5 or under. However, welcome to stay at Park and Beach Suite.
Are amenities for children available?
Toothbrush and slippers (size: 21cm) for children are available upon request. If you need a baby bed, please notify us at the time of booking. (For babies 0-12 months old)
I'm planning to go to the restaurants in the building during my stay at Benesse House. Should I make a reservation?
Seats are limited at every restaurant. In case you cannot reserve the restaurant and time range of your choice, we recommend you to make a reservation ahead of time.
Also, guests who have reserved their rooms through the website can book and modify their reservations at the Reservation confirmation page.
Are children allowed in the restaurants in Benesse House?
Yes, they are. However, only at Museum Restaurant Issen, children under 6 years old are not permitted at dinner.
Are vending machines available in the building?
Vending machines are not available in Benesse House. Please use the mini bar in the room or Benesse House Shop.
Are there convenience stores near Benesse House?
No, there are no stores, including convenience stores, around Benesse House.
Are coin-operated laundry facilities available?
The washing machines and dryers at the Museum and Oval are available for free to guests staying at Benesse House. Please ask the staff ahead of time.
Is there a swimming pool or fitness gym available in the building?
Benesse House is a hotel built to think over art, nature, architecture, and oneself. Therefore, such facilities are not available.
Is there a place to swim nearby?
Swimming is prohibited within Benesse House areas. Swimming is possible at the beach of Tsutsuji-so, a five-minute walk from Benesse House Park. However, there is no lifeguard or rescue squad, so please swim at your own risk.
Do you accept luggage that is delivered prior to arrival?
Yes. Please indicate the “name of the hotel guest”, and the “check-in date” on the invoice and send it to the address below. Also, please include the name of the building where the hotel guests will be staying.
Benesse House (please clearly state the building from the following; Museum, Oval, Park or Beach)
Address: Gotanji, Naoshima, Kagawa County, Kagawa 761-3110
Tel: 81+(0)87-892-3223
What should I do if I want to use the seminar rooms?
Benesse House has two conference rooms that can be used for seminars and other events. Please contact Benesse House for room rates and available equipment.
Can I take my pet into the hotel?
Unfortunately pets are not allowed to the hotel. Please also note there is no pet minding service.


Are there medical facilities on Naoshima?
A municipal hospital, the Fureai Clinic (ふれあい診療所; Fureai Shinryosho), is located in Miyanoura.
Operation Days: Monday to Friday (Closed on national holidays and New Year holidays)
Operation Hours: From 9:00am to 12:00pm / From 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Reception Hours: From 8:30am to 11:30am / From 2:00pm to 4:00pm
*May be available on a requested basis for accident and emergency.
JPY30,000 is required as a deposit for out-of-hours service.
*This is the only one clininc on the island. In case of emergency, one may be directed to a medical institution outside Naoshima in another prefecture.
*Please note that regular ferry/boat from Naoshima runs on a spcific timetable and is limited.
*The Fureai Clinic does not have a depatment of obstetrics and gynecology. For those who are in pregnancy and need a medical care/treatment will be directed to an institution outside Naoshima. We would much appreciate it if you can consult your doctor before travelling.