Below are answers to some common questions about Benesse Art Site Naoshima.
For other questions, please contact us as indicated on this page.



How do I get to Teshima?
Please see the Access page for Teshima.
How can I get around Teshima?
We recommend using the Teshima Shuttle Bus or renting a bicycle. Please see our Teshima Map page for further details.
Can I take my car on the ferry to Teshima?
Private cars can only be taken on the Shodoshima Teshima ferry (小豆島豊島フェリー; Shodoshima Teshima ferry). However, some ferries departing from Karato Port (唐櫃港; Karato-ko) are unable to take vehicles. Please contact the ferry company directly for more information.
Do Teshima Art Museum have their own parking spaces?
Yes. The parking spaces can be used without charge. However, because parking spaces are limited, we request visitors to use public transport if at all possible.
Are there any taxis on Teshima?
There is one shared taxi on the island. We recommend making an advance reservation. Please see the Teshima Tourism Association (Japanese Only) website for more information.

About the museums

Is it possible to reenter the museums?
Visitors may reenter the Teshima Art Museum on the day of the original visit only; "Les Archives du Cœur", Teshima Yokoo House, Teshima 8 Million Lab, Needle factory can not be reentered. Please inquire at the Teshima Art Museum Ticket Center for more information.
Can I take my pet into the museums located on Teshima?
Unfortunately pets are not allowed to enter any of the museums located on Teshima. Please note also museums there is no pet minding service.
Is it possible to borrow a wheelchair, and can I visit the museums using a wheelchair?
Wheelchairs are available in Teshima Art Museum, and it is possible to visit the museums using a wheelchair. Please note that some of the spaces in the Teshima Art Museum and Teshima Yokoo House require you to remove your shoes. Wheelchair numbers are limited, so please be sure to reserve one in advance. You can find the contact numbers on the our facilities page.
I have a Physical Disability Certificate. Does this entitle me to a discount on museum entrance fees?
None of the museums offer discounts or waive entrance fees.
How much time should I allot for the museums located on Teshima?
The following times apply as a rule of thumb for the time to allot to each museum:
Teshima Art Museum: 1 hour
"Les Archives du Cœur": 30 minutes
Teshima Yokoo House: 30 minutes
Teshima 8 Million Lab: 30 minutes
Needle factory: 30 minutes

I only want to visit the cafe and shop in the Teshima Art Museum.
Only museum visitors are able to use the cafe and shop.
Can I walk to the Teshima Art Museum and Les Archives du Coeur?
Yes, it takes about 30 minutes. Please see the Karato area map on the Teshima Map page for further details.

About the artworks

Can I take photographs in the museum?
We request that you do not take photographs of the exhibits but photography is allowed in other areas of the building. Please ask museum staff for more information.
We also ask that visitors use any photographs that they take for their personal enjoyment and not for publication or similar purposes.

About Group visits

Is a discount available for groups?
We do not offer discounts for groups.
Is there anything we should be aware of if visiting the museums in a large group (9 or more people)?
Please contact the individual museums in advance if wishing to visit in a group of 9 or more.
Please see the Our facilities page for contact details.


Are there any automated teller machine (ATM) for personal banking close to the museum?
ATMs are available in the Post Office and the Japan Agricultural cooperatives (JA) Teshima Branch in the Ieura district. Please see the individual websites for hours.