Below are answers to some common questions about Benesse Art Site Naoshima.
For other questions, please contact us as indicated on this page.



I will drive my car to Hoden Port, the closest port to Inujima. Is there a parking area there?
There is no parking provided for visitors to inujima at Hoden port (宝伝港; Hoden-ko). Visitors needing parking must use the pay parking area. Please see here for the map arround Hoden Port.
How long does it take from JR Saidaiji Station to Hoden Port by taxi?
From Japan Rail (JR) Saidaiji Station (西大寺駅; Saidaiji-eki) a taxi around 30 minutes. The distance is about 12 km.
Please contact the taxi company to inquire regarding fees.
After I arrive at Inujima Port, what should I do?
First, go to the Ticket Center near the port (the black building) and purchase entrance tickets for the facilities you wish to visit.
Where can I buy a ticket for the return ferry?
Visitors returning to Hoden Port (宝伝港; Hoden-ko) pay the ferry fee directly when they disembark. Visitors returning to Naoshima or Teshima should purchase a ticket for a Shikoku Kisen ferry (四国汽船; Shikoku-kisen) at the Ticket Center.

About the museums

Is it possible to reenter the museums?
Visitors may reenter the museums in Inujima on the day of the original visit only.
Can I take my pet into the museums located on Inujima?
Unfortunately pets are not allowed to enter any of the museums located on Inujima. Please note also museums there is no pet minding service.
Is it possible to borrow a wheelchair, and can I visit the museums using a wheelchair?
Wheelchairs are available, and it is possible to visit the museums using a wheelchair. Wheelchair numbers are limited, so please be sure to reserve one in advance. You can find the contact numbers on our facilities page.
I have a Physical Disability Certificate. Does this entitle me to a discount on museum entrance fees?
None of the museums offer discounts or waive entrance fees.
How long does it take to view the museums located on Inujima?
The museums are viewed while walking around them.
Inujima Seirensho Art Museum: about 1 hour
Inujima Art House Project: about 45 minutes
Seaside Inujima Gallery: about 10 minutes
I just want to visit the cafes and shops in the the museums located on Inujima.
You can use the cafe and shop in the Ticket Center.

About the artworks

Can I take photographs of the artworks?
We request that visitors refrain from taking photographs of the artworks on the premises, including those that can be seen from outside. Taking videos and drawing sketches is also prohibited. Please ask a member of staff for more information.

About Group visits

Is a discount available for groups?
We do not offer discounts for groups.
Is there anything we should be aware of if visiting the museums in a large group (9 or more people)?
Please contact the individual museums in advance if wishing to visit in a group of 9 or more.
Please see the Our facilities page for contact details.
I would like to make a reservation to eat at the cafe in the Ticket Center.
The cafe only accepts reservations from groups. Please contact the cafe at least 2 days prior to your visit in order to make a reservation.
TEL:086-947-1112 (Inujima Seirensho Art Museum)
Individual customers may reserve food items on the day of their visit to ensure that they are not sold out. Please apply at the Ticket Center on the day of your visit.