Benesse House Museum
Notice of Exhibition Changes
June 10th, 2024

New artworks will be installed at Benesse House Museum from June 15th, 2024.
Therefore, the following artworks currently on view will be on display until June 9, 2024.
We sincerely look forward to your visit.

Notice of Maintenance Closure at Benesse House | June 10 - 14, 2024

Jennifer Bartlett Yellow and Black Boats
Jonathan Borofsky Three Chattering Men
Cesar Hommage a Monaco MC12
Elmgreen&Drugset Highway Painting, No. 9
David Hockney A Walk Around the Hotel Courtyard Acatlan
David Hockney Hotel Acatlan:First Dayn
David Hockney Hotel Acatlan:Second Day
David Hockney Hotel Acatlan:Two Weeks Later
David Hockney Pool with Reflection of Trees & Sky
Tatsuo Miyajima Counter Circle No.18
Seo-Bo Park Ecriture No.180105
Gerhard Richter Betty
Joel SHAPIRO Untitled
Hiroshi Sugimoto Cambrian Period
Guangyi WANG Great Criticism: Disney
Xiaogang ZHANG Bloodline Series: The Big Family No.10
・Jennifer Bartlett "Yellow and Black Boats"

・Jonathan Borofsky "Three Chattering Men"

・Cesar "Hommage a Monaco MC12"

・Elmgreen&Drugset "Highway Painting, No. 9"

・David Hockney "A Walk Around the Hotel Courtyard Acatlan"

・David Hockney " Hotel Acatlan:First Dayn"

・David Hockney "Hotel Acatlan:Second Day"

・David Hockney "Hotel Acatlan:Two Weeks Later"

・David Hockney "Pool with Reflection of Trees & Sky"

・Tatsuo Miyajima "Counter Circle No.18"

・Seo-Bo Park "Ecriture No.180105"

・Gerhard Richter "Betty"

・Joel SHAPIRO "Untitled"

・Hiroshi Sugimoto "Cambrian Period"

・Guangyi WANG "Great Criticism: Disney"

・Xiaogang ZHANG "Bloodline Series: The Big Family No.10"