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Benesse House Spa operational hours starting from September


To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Benesse House Spa has only been open on Saturdays and Sundays. However, starting this September, we will be open on Fridays and National Holidays as well for the time being. A very special discounted rate will still be available for this time period. We hope you will take advantage of this service during your stay at Benesse Art Site Naoshima.

Opening Days: Friday / Saturday / Sunday / National Holidays

Opening Hours: 14:00 - 22:00(Last Acceptance 20:00)

*Consultations are possible outside of opening hours Menu

1) Aroma Therapy Body Treatment 60 Minutes (Regular price: 17,600 Yen) → 13,200 Yen (Tax included)

2) Aroma Therapy Body Treatment 90 Minutes (Regular price: 22,000 Yen) → 16,500 Yen (Tax included)

3) Aroma Therapy Body Treatment 120 Minutes (Regular price: 26,400 Yen) → 19,800 Yen (Tax included)

【Comment from Spa Staff Members】
Benesse House Spa's treatment allows you to feel the rhythm of the Seto Inland Sea's waves with a calm and soothing special touch. Even the herbal tea served after the treatment spreads throughout your mind and body and supports a healthy daily life. The fragrance of fresh essential oils such as rosemary, mint, bay laurel, and the like have a cool feeling and heal summer fatigue. We recommend it for cases such as inflammation after sunburns or even to care for your exhausted legs after a lot of walking. We prepare organic essence to match each season so be sure to visit the spa!

【Regarding measures taken by Benesse House SPA in response to Coronavirus】
-Therapists will wear masks at all times.
- Sanitizers will be available at all times to disinfect hands and fingers.
- Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol, etc., and essential oils that are highly effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses will be used to purify the air.
- Linen-type items such as bed sheets and gowns will be meticulously changed and equipment used will be disinfected.

【To ensure safety, we ask for customers' cooperation regarding the following】
- Please disinfect their hands and fingers and wear a mask when entering the spa.
-Please cooperate with us in health checks.

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