Teshima Art Museum
Special morning program

Special morning viewing prograRei Naito: Matrix, 2010 Photo: Noboru Morikawa

The droplet-shaped Teshima Art Museum stands over a hill in the Karato area, on the island of Teshima. Sunlight, wind, raindrops, insects and the voices of birds are led into the museum's interior space through openings in its shell. The appearance of the artwork inside changes constantly, as time goes by. In Matrix, water springs from the ground, here and there, in a day long motion.

In this special viewing program, visitors are invited to experience the very beginning of this cycle, as water starts trickling out, marking the beginning of a new day.

You will find diffrent experiences here.

2023: 9 April, 14 May, 11 June, 9 July, 20 August, 10 September, 15 October, 12 November, 10 December
2024: 7 January, 14 January, 21 January, 28 January, 18 February, 10 March (all Sundays)


9:00-10:00 (approx. 1 hour) * Registration: 8:45-9:00

Teshima Art Museum

JPY2,000 (including admission fee / re-entry only on the same day)
* Free for children 15 and under, and islanders
* JPY500 for guests who have an Annual Passport
* If you have signed up for the special viewing program, you do not need to reserve online ticket.
* Online tickets or fee cannot be refunded, and tickets are not re-issued.


20 participants (Advance application required until 17:00 the preceding day)
* Please apply through our website or by a phone-call

* Applications have been closed.

Organized by:
Fukutake Foundation, Tel.+81-(0)879-68-3555(Teshima Art Museum/10:00-17:00 except for closed days)