Benesse Art Site Naoshima


Getting around on Naoshima

Getting around on Naoshima


Naoshima Town Bus
The bus operates between Miyanoura Port, where the ferry landing is located and Tsutsuji-so. It also makes a brief stop at Honmura area, where the Art House Project and ANDO MUSEUM is located. To continue onward from Tsutsuji-so into the museum area, you may go on foot, or take advantage of the Benesse Art Site Naoshima shuttle bus.
*Please see here for Naoshima Town Bus Timetable (From Miyanoura Port to Museum Area / From Museum Area to Miyanoura Port)
*Fares: Adults ¥100 Children (age 5 to 12) ¥50
Extra bus for Chichu Art
Buses are operated only during the Triennale 2019.
*No buses on closing day of Chichu Art Museum. (Available on 30th April and 16th August)
Extra bus for Chichu Art Museum Timetable
*Fares: Adults ¥100 Children (age 5 to 12) ¥50
Benesse Art Site Naoshima Shuttle Bus
This free shuttle bus operates between Tsutsuji-so and Chichu Art Museum, making a brief stop at Benesse House Museum and Lee Ufan Museum. Runs every 30 minutes ( runs every 15 minutes on the days when high number of visitors are expected).
Benesse Art Site Naoshima Shuttle Bus Timetable
Courtesy Bus for Benesse
House Guests
A courtesy bus reserved for guests staying at Benesse House is also available.
Benesse House Courstesy Bus

Rent-a-cycles/Rental Bikes/Rental Cars

You can rent a bicycle or a motorcycle from various places in Miyanoura and Honmura. For more information, please visit Naoshima Tourism Association website.

Open Air Artworks at Benesse House Museum

Open Air Artworks at Benesse House Museum

There are a numbers of Open Air Artworks at Benesse House Museum. You might enjoy strolling at your own pace.

To Guests Visiting Naoshima

The area between East gate (near Tsutsuji-so), and North gate (near the Lee Ufan Museum), is privately own.
Please refrain from entering the area by a car or a motorcycle or a bicycle, unless you are a guest at Benesse House.
There are parking lots for car, motorcycle and bicycle at Chichu Art Museum Ticket Center and near Tsutsuji-so.
Please be courteous to residents while you are on the Naoshima Town Bus.

Naoshima・Chichu Art Museum: New reservation system implemented.
Buy online tickets here.