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Miyanoura Gallery 6

Opened in summer 2013, Miyanoura Gallery 6 is located in the Miyanoura District on Naoshima Island. Architect Taira Nishizawa has transformed "Pachinko 999 (Three Nine)," a former amusement arcade enjoyed by residents of the island, along with an adjoining park, into a new space where visitors and local people can get together and relax.


※Miyanoura Gallery 6 is currently closed.

During Setouchi Triennale 2016, the gallery presented Artist at Gallery 6 2016, a series of projects developed by three different artists for the spring, summer, and autumn seasons of the festival (For details, click here).
We are currently planning the next projects now, and will make announcements when details are decided.

Miyanoura Gallery 6

ArchitectTaira Nishizawa

Miyanoura Gallery 6 is the first exhibition facility to be constructed in an area inhabited by the people of Naoshima. The original facade for an old pachinko parlor, loved by the local people, has been left as it is to enable them to become familiar with the facility, but the building itself has been completely renovated into an exhibition facility.
In the exhibition room, approximately 400 louvers have been installed on the ceiling to enable the works to be viewed in natural sunlight. The sunlight and natural light that pours through the ceiling louvers change the interior with shades of monochrome to provide a space for the works that changes in accordance with the season and the time of day.
A rest terrace has also been created on the lawn of an adjacent children’s park, and the visitors’ exit from the gallery is located beside the park so that visitors can share space with the children of Naoshima, enabling the gallery to be a combination of an indoor and outdoor facility together with the front courtyard.

Architect Taira Nishizawa

Taira Nishizawa
Born in Tokyo, 1964. Established TAIRA NISHIZAWA ARCHITECTS, 1993.
Significant Works: FORESTRY HALL (2004, Kumamoto), KOKUEIKAN (2006, Okinawa), CHRCH SUN-PU (2008, Shizuoka), HOUSE UTSU-NO-MIYA (2009, Tochigi), URBAN DESIGN IN MABARI PORT AREA (on going project, Ehime).

*View of the interior of the gallery during Yoichi Midorikawa’s exhibition in 2013 (photo by Kimihito Takahashi)

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