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Accommodations operated by residents

Accommodations operated by residents

On the island of Teshima, there is a unique accommodation option known as minpaku*1, a short-term home stay where guests can experience daily life in a working agricultural or fishing household.

As a guest you stay in one room of a local island resident's house, and feel as if you have "come home to the countryside," joining in the picking of vegetables in the fields, helping to prepare dinner in the kitchen, and experiencing the leisurely pace of night-time on the island in a way that is unique to the minpaku lodging style.
There are nine homes on Teshima offering this form of accommodation, each of which has its own distinct character. At one, owned by a fisherman, you can go out on a fishing boat together; at another you can bathe in an old-fashioned firewood-heated bath or cauldron bath, and at another, breakfast features freshly-laid eggs from a chicken coop on the premises.

When signing up for minpaku lodging on Teshima, please read the Information for Minpaku Guests(Japanese Only) carefully, and make a reservation through the Teshima Tourism Association website(Japanese Only). For further details, please contact the Teshima Tourism Association.
Please note that minpaku owners and Teshima Tourism Association staff speak Japanese only, and make allowances for this when making inquiries and planning your stay.

*Lodgings are at ordinary homes. Many are run by older people, so please make an effort to help with strenuous tasks such as taking out or putting away futons, etc.
*Inquiries about minpaku accommodations on Teshima are not handled by Benesse House or any other part of Benesse Art Site Naoshima. If you have any questions, please contact the Teshima Tourism Association directly.
*As a rule, reservations for minpaku accommodations are made via the Teshima Tourism Association website, and are accepted between three weeks and three days before the requested stay date.

*1 Minpaku refers to a short-term home stay, specifically at a household engaged in farming, forestry or fishing. The package includes not only staying overnight but also trying your hand at the agricultural, forestry, or fishing work of the proprietors, having other encounters with nature or culture, or experiencing hands-on the processing and preparation of agricultural, forestry or fisheries products.