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Benesse House Museum: Notice of Exhibition Changes from January 19th, 2018

Benesse House Museum opened in 1992 as an integrated facility combining museum and hotel based on the concept of "coexistence of nature, architecture and art". In this building designed by renowned architect Tadao Ando that takes in the spectacular views of Seto Inland Sea and boldly incorporates nature aspects of the island, site-specific works created by artists specifically for the museum are permanently installed on top of exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations.

The painting "Sunset Nude with Big Palm Tree" by Tom Wesselmann will be exhibited for the first time in Benesse House Museum starting from January 19, 2018.

"Sunset Nude with Big Palm Tree" is one of the "Sunset Nude" series that Wesselmann worked on in his later years and will be the second work by Wesselmann to be exhibited following "Great American Nude #39". This series combines common motifs in still life such as female nudes, flowers/fruits and cushions, and sunsets, palm trees and sceneries which are common in paintings, and draws them out with brilliant colors. This work starts off with a large palm tree in the middle of the painting and the nature and landscape portrayed give off a particularly strong presence. The scenery portrayed seems to resemble the view from the large window on the west side of Benesse House Museum.

In addition, the exhibition space of "Untitled" by Jannis Kounellis has been reconstructed as the first commission work of Benesse House Museum. Photographs taken by Shigeo Anzai capturing the production process by Kounellis in Naoshima will also be showcased. You can see the idea of "creating works from the relationship with a certain place" through the works passed down from Benesse Art Site Naoshima to the present.

I would be glad if visitors can take this opportunity to experience harmony with the landscape and think about "Benesse" (Well-being).

Benesse House Museum
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