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Artist at Gallery 6 2016

This year, in conjunction with the Setouchi Triennale 2016, the gallery will present Artist at Gallery 6 2016, a series of projects developed by three different artists for the spring, summer, and autumn seasons of the festival.

Hours & Admission

vol.1 Yuki Iiyama:
March 20-April 17 ,2016(Spring)
vol.2 Yoshinori Niwa:
July 18-September 4 ,2016(Summer)
vol.3 Mari Katayama:
ctober 8-November 6 ,2016(Autumn)
2:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
*Open on Mondays for national holidays but closed the next day.
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*free for children 15 and under
*free for Setouchi Triennale Passport holders
Artist at Gallery 6 2016

Artist at Gallery 6 2016

Miyanoura Gallery 6 opened on Naoshima in 2013 as part of the wider Benesse Art Site Naoshima, which develops activities centered on art, architecture and nature in the Seto Inland Sea.
This year, in conjunction with the Setouchi Triennale 2016, the gallery will present Artist at Gallery 6 2016, a series of projects developed by three different artists for the spring, summer, and autumn seasons of the festival. The artists, Yuki Iiyama, Yoshinori Niwa, and Mari Katayama, who actively oppose certain social currents, will make the most of the knowledge acquired during residencies on Naoshima in 2015 to create various works and events. As artists, visitors, and local residents become involved with each other in the Miyanoura area, the gateway to the island, the gallery becomes a hub for exchanging a variety of viewpoints.


vol.1Yuki Iiyama /
"100 Living Tales"

Setouchi Triennale 2016 Spring season

March 20 - April 17 , 2016

“Have you ever experienced anything strange or unexplainable on the island?” The artist has been gathering mysterious stories from residents of the islands of Okayama and Kagawa prefectures, and usedthose stories to create her work. The stories reveal character traits of these people – but also of the islands themselves – that are usually hidden from view. They also suggest alternative perspectives on how we draw the lines between the imaginary and the real world, or between animals and human beings.


Yuki Iiyama
Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1988. Masters in Fine Arts from Tokyo University of the Arts. Recent exhibitions include “We walk and talk to search your true home/ Moomin Family goes” (Waitingroom, Tokyo), and “Steam, Smoke, Imperial Reward” (Jikka, Tokyo). In October 2015, her solo exhibition “Temporary Home, Final Home” was shown as a part of the APMoA Project, ARCH at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya.

vol.2Yoshinori Niwa /
"Paying a Courtesy Call on the Incumbent Mayor by all His Predecessors in History"

Setouchi Triennale 2016 Summer season

July 18 - September 4 , 2016

The artist’s plan is to orchestrate a meeting between the current mayor of Naoshima and the spirits of all 16 previously deceased mayors, enlisting the help of a spiritual medium. To start the project, the artist holds discussions with the descendants of the past mayors. He then reenacts various round-table conferences, dinner meetings, and press conferences held during major social events on the island in the past, and he films all of the events. Visits to the current mayor during the exhibition period are also planned.

By inviting such presences – that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways – into the real world, the artist induces a state of confusion and creates opportunities to reflect on the history of the island, the irreversibility of time, and varying cultural circumstances.

You can read the exhibition statement from here.

vol.2 丹羽良徳/歴代町長に現町長を表敬訪問してもらう
vol.2 丹羽良徳/歴代町長に現町長を表敬訪問してもらう
vol.2 丹羽良徳/歴代町長に現町長を表敬訪問してもらう

trailer_"Paying a Courtesy Call on the Incumbent Mayor by all His Predecessors in History", 2016 from yoshinoriniwa on Vimeo.

Yoshinori Niwa
Born in Aichi prefecture in 1982. Recent exhibitions include “Double Vision: Contemporary Art From Japan” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and Haifa Museum of Art), “Aichi Triennale 2013” (Aichi Arts Center, and others locations in the Nagoya metropolitan area), “Roppongi Crossing 2013: Out of Doubt” (Mori Art Museum), etc. He has been nominated for Future Greats 2014, by ArtReview magazine in the U.K. From October to November 2015, his solo exhibition “Historically Historic Historical History of Communism” was held at Edel Assanti gallery, London.

vol.3Mari Katayama /

Setouchi Triennale 2016 Autumn season

October 8 - November 6 , 2016

The artist will show an installation consisting of pictures and objects inspired by Naoshima's bunraku puppet theater, performed by women on the island. Along with the installation, she is planning to hold workshops to teach participants how to make “oil works,” a concept of preserving personal mementos in bottles of oil. The artist will also stage events during which the artist herself, but also island residents, and other participants are encouraged to develop their own means of expression. 


Mari Katayama
Born in Saitama prefecture in 1987, and raised in Gunma prefecture. Masters in the Department of Intermedia Art from Tokyo University of the Arts. Major exhibitions include“identity, body it. - curated by Takashi Azumaya -” (nca: nichido contemporary art, 2010), “Aichi Triennale 2013” (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, and others, 2010), etc. Shewill participate in the exhibition opening on March 26th, 2016, “Roppongi Crossing 2016” (Mori Art Museum, 2016).

ArchitectTaira Nishizawa

Miyanoura Gallery 6 is the first exhibition facility constructed in this residential area of Naoshima. The original facade of an old pachinko parlor, loved by the local people, was left unchanged to enable residents to become familiar with the new facility, but the building itself was completely renovated into gallery space. In the exhibition room, approximately 400 louvers were installed on the ceiling to enable the works to be viewed in natural sunlight. The light pouring through the ceiling louvers wraps the interior with shades of monochrome and create a space that changes in accordance with the season and the time of day. A terrace was also created on the lawn of an adjacent children’s park, and the gallery’s exit is leading into the park so that visitors can share space with the children of Naoshima, making it a combined indoor and outdoor facility.

Architect Taira Nishizawa

Taira Nishizawa
Born in Tokyo, 1964. Established TAIRA NISHIZAWA ARCHITECTS, 1993.
Significant Works: FORESTRY HALL (2004, Kumamoto), KOKUEIKAN (2006, Okinawa), CHRCH SUN-PU (2008, Shizuoka), HOUSE UTSU-NO-MIYA (2009, Tochigi), URBAN DESIGN IN MABARI PORT AREA (on going project, Ehime).

*View of the interior of the gallery during Yoichi Midorikawa’s exhibition in 2013 (photo by Kimihito Takahashi)


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